Facebook and Twitter…Handing the Keys to Your Future to Your Enemies


It is probably one of the most-asked questions we get from our clients. “Can you change your CMS to allow us to post everything to and from Facebook and Twitter? We have a lot of Facebook and Twitter followers!

This single question has been responsible for more incoherent, audible screams of frustration (luckily my office is well insulated) than any other, including the infamous “Can I FAX you our logo?”

Why? Because, the answers should be self-evident.

Let’s start with the basics of Broadcasting Business 101.  I realize that this is going to seem obvious to most of you, but as a former ad agency owner, I am always shocked when I talk to many of the younger staff in radio stations we serve, who seem to have forgotten the REAL basics of Radio…as they hand off their future’s to Mark Zuckerberg… Continue reading

Confessions of a Broadcast Services Provider


This isn’t going to be easy. Everyone wants to be liked, especially those in the business of communications. But, there is no doubt that most of what I am going to write is going to upset a good number of those reading it.  Like it or not, it’s time to start telling the truth, because without brutal, honest, pragmatism, real solutions and cures can’t be found.

Let’s start with an apt analogy.  Let’s look at the radio industry as you would a good friend. Now, let’s imagine that your friend has cancer, but doesn’t really know it. They know something is wrong, but they are the kind of people who prefer to remain optimistic, no matter what the symptoms. Do you “have the talk,” with them, and tell them that they really need to stop doing the things that are killing them?  Or do you just keep feeding them “happy news” that is dangerously inaccurate in its optimism?

Well, if you are like most Broadcast Services Providers, you shake your friend’s hand, and take their money, and make a few suggestions…and then realize that getting your friend to change his ways is next to impossible. So you just wait, and watch, as your friend atrophies to the point of needing hospice.

But here’s the most painful reality of all. Radio could change. Radio used to be the healthiest, most robust, popular guy in the media family. But, instead of adapting, evolving, or changing the bad habits and cycle of self-delusion, they have become painfully irrelevant to a larger and larger portion of the “extended family.” The worst part about this, is just like watching a favorite uncle drink or smoke themselves to death, there have always been solutions. But, “the talk” makes everyone feel uncomfortable. So we never have it.

That is going to change.
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Welcome…Time to Get to Work!

Another blog? Really?

I know. The last thing you think you want is yet another “industry expert bloviating about the latest trends in media, the coolest new aps, or the threats from social media and hand-held multimedia devices.  Guilty as charged…kind of.

The fact is, I don’t care about any of these things in a general way. All I care about is how they effect our Small Market Radio clients, and how we can leverage the information into profit and sustainability for them.  I care about the pragmatic, practical application of new tools, new ideas, new delivery sources as they apply to your local markets. I care only about helping you turn your companies from traditional radio broadcasters, into multimedia companies that can deliver all of the local information, deals, discounts, and offers from your clients, in a multitude of efficient, cost-effective, multimedia ways.

However, if we are going to get anywhere, we have to agree on one thing. Radio as we once knew it is over. The change began with the deregulation of 1996, when small local operators were consumed, or in some ways became part of the “Radio as Real Estate” model. Local talent, local programming, local promotions, and local news all went by the wayside, in favor of syndicated, cost-efficient content that sounds the same, looks the same, and is most cases, offer no creativity. While radio started becoming homogonous from town to town, tower to tower, the next generation of listeners, and now even our most steadfast demographic of listeners, discovered a plethora of new, and in some cases better ways to discover new music, compelling entertainment content, and even deals and discounts from a wide variety of digital delivery devices.

It is not too late to capture back your audience. But you can’t do it the same way that you did in the 80s, 90s. or even the early 2000s.  You need to recognize that your audience and competition have changed, far faster than you have.

So…let’s get to work. Let’s take back our right to be “The Hub” of our local communities and beyond. But let’s do so with common sense, common goals and a sense of urgency.

Welcome.  We want your input. We will give you ours. With a meaningful, open dialogue, we can win this war, battle, by battle, by battle. Small Market Radio can, and will prosper, as long as we get out of our own way and start listening to our listeners and advertisers…

Roll up your sleeves. Let’s get to work.